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Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling is a form of Couples Therapy that typically focuses on helping couples who are struggling with communication, intimacy, and other issues in their relationship. Couples who have been married for some time often find that they have developed coping mechanisms to deal with their marital problems, which may be causing the relationship or themselves more harm than good. Couples Counseling can help you recognize these patterns and allows the partners to work together to develop new ways of interacting with each other. The goal is not to change who you are as an individual but to create a space where both people can feel heard and valued by the other person.

When couples come to us for counseling, they often want to know how to make their marriage or relationship stronger. We help them navigate the challenges of marriage through a combination of Couples Therapy and education on communication, conflict resolution, and other related skills. The purpose of Couples Counseling is not to assign blame for problems in a relationship, but to help partners understand each other better and develop the tools necessary to maintain their relationships. In Couples Counseling, it is not the Couples Therapist’s job to label which partner is responsible for causing problems in the relationship. Instead, we will help each partner understand the other person better and develop skills that can benefit the relationship.

You Don’t Have to Wait Until There is a Crisis

It’s important to realize that you don’t have to wait until there is a crisis to seek Couples Counseling. Almost all marriages and relationships could benefit from speaking to a professional Couples Therapy as a way to enhance the relationship and learn how to better meet each other’s needs. It can be helpful for those who are considering getting married or starting a family together. Couples Counseling can help answer questions about how each person feels about getting married or having children, what kind of parenting style works best for them, and how they want their lives together to look from here on out. It can even be helpful for those who are just beginning a new relationship.

At Counseling Littleton, we specialize in helping couples find the right path to a happier marriage. We believe that relationships are made up of two people who are equally important and that each person should be able to be their true selves while also respecting their partner’s wishes, thoughts, and feelings. When this doesn’t happen, it’s our job to help you figure out why, so you can get back on track with your partner and maintain a healthy bond for the rest of your lives together.

If you and your partner feel like your marriage is struggling, or if you’re simply looking to improve communication or enhance the relationship, we can help. Our experienced Couple Therapists will work with you to identify the root causes of any problems in your relationship and develop strategies for improving communication, resolving conflict, and strengthening your bond with each other. Contact us today to Schedule a Consultation.