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Kids, Teenagers, and Family Counseling

Family Counseling is a broad term that refers to therapy or counseling for families. The goal of family counseling is to improve the relationships among family members, including parents and children, siblings, grandparents, and other relatives. All families deserve to be healthy and happy. We provide a safe environment for you and your children to discuss their issues and express themselves freely.

There’s no question that children and teens have a lot of challenges to face. They’re still developing their identities, and they’re learning how to deal with their emotions and relationships. They might also be dealing with trauma, grief, abuse, or other issues that make it hard for them to function at home and at school. If you’re worried about your child or teen’s behavior, you can get help from a licensed therapist who specializes in helping kids and families through these tough times. Our therapists are trained to help your kids, teenagers and family members work through the challenges that life presents. 

How Counseling Can Benefit Your Family

1. Talking to a therapist can help identify communication problems within the family.

Counseling can help family members learn how to communicate with each other more effectively. Many families have communication problems but do not realize it until they start talking to a therapist. A therapist can help identify these breakdowns and offer solutions on how to improve them.

2. Counseling can help families work through difficult transitions such as divorce, remarriage, or moving to a new house

Transitions can be tough for everyone involved, but counseling can help ease the process. A therapist can provide support and guidance to help the family adjust to the new situation. They can also teach coping skills that will make the transition smoother for everyone. Underlying feelings about the change can be addressed here as well. For example, if a child is angry at a parent for remarrying, they may also be feeling abandoned or scared that they will be forgotten.

3. Counseling can help families deal with behavioral problems in children and teens.

If your child is acting out in school or at home, counseling can help address the underlying issues causing the behavior problems. A therapist can work with your child to identify the root of the problem and develop a plan to address it. In some cases, counseling may involve working with the entire family if there are family issues that are contributing to the child’s behavioral problems.

Counseling Littleton Can Help

At Counseling Littleton, we offer counseling for children and teenagers in addition to adult counseling services. We understand that the family unit is the basic building block of society. It’s important for parents and kids —no matter their age—to feel secure and supported in order to withstand any challenge life presents. Our goal is to ease stress, enhance relationships, and allow families to live a happier healthier life. We will work with you to develop a plan of action that meets the needs of your child or teenager, taking the entire family system into account. Contact Counseling Littleton today to schedule a consultation to let us know how we can help.